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To achieve optimal results with the Bepper Balance Method even experienced professionals need some time and training. The training that we offer is instructive, effective and also useful for other interventions using other methods. Bepper has developed a 2-day training "Working with the Bepper Balance Method" for professionals. The training is accredited by SKJ (Quality standard for Youth Worksers) and gives the participant 19.5 register points. This training was awarded by the NOBCO and the LVSC with PE points. You can read more about this at Recognition. trainingsmap Bepper

The schedule below shows when trainings are scheduled. The price of a 2-day training is €495, - excl. VAT per person, and includes:

If you decide to work with this method after training, you will need a Bepper3in1 (or Bepper Board) and / or a Bepper Team-Kit. This is not included in the training but can be ordered separately. After completing the training you can order the Bepper3in1 and / or Team kit. You will qualify for a €50,- discount on the ex-vat price, if you indicated during the training that you will to purchase a Bepper3in1 and/or a Team-kit.

More information about ordering and prices can be found here.

If you are unable to attend at one of these dates, you can read here about a "customized and / or on-site" request.

Download and / or open the brochure with more information about the training.

You can register or ask a question via this form.

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What others say......

"What a great tool, the Bepper3in1. To enter into conversation with for example children, parents, alone or together, about balances and challenges. I see so many possibilities for applications. Just take all trajectories around divorces, for example mediation, use by divorce coaches, child representatives, in relation to support, etc. " Senior Scientist Child Health TNO, Leiden

"I think the Bepper 3in1 is a very nice tool to quickly understand difficult issues and feel the priority in your preferences. The method helps very well in sorting out thoughts and feelings. A very valuable experience!" Program manager Executive Education, Breukelen

"I see a lot of possibilities, as far as I'm concerned this method can be very expanding, is innovative and has a very low threshold" Psychologist and senior scientist TNO, Leiden

"Fits well with my way of coaching, making it visual, doing physical things, promoting ownership of the coachee." Coach and teacher counselor, Woerden

"Much respect for how Liesbeth developed this methodology. This is also evident in how she propagates this in the training. Driven, and very knowledgeable in the implementation and application of the methodology and her vision on this. She also has a transcendental view of transfer and countertransfer situations and also monitors this well in the group. Creates a pleasant and safe atmosphere. " Supervisor, coach and educator, Kampen

"With the BBM and a cup of coffee unraveled a probem in no-time. Clear picture of next steps. I would like to grant anyone the benefits of the method."Director MBO institution, Leiden

"The training and trainer made sure that the training and the environment was warm, pleasant, safe, involved and deliciously prepared lunches. Fine short breaks in between ... my compliments!!" Coach, supervisor and team-manager, Kampen

" Normally I can easily beat around the bush with my knowledge and smooth talk, but now I had to switch off my 'talking monkey' because my intuition and gut-feeling participated. This makes me more honest because my subconscious also participates in the session. " Client, The Hague

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