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Example 4: Bepper Balance Method

Session with 2 persons

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How do we deal with stess in our relationship?


What contributes to our stress?



Bepper Bord voorbeeld SessieEver since they have a child Johan and Katie constantly struggle in their relationship. Their lives have turned upside down completely. They are searching for a new balance in themselves, in their relationship and in their family situation.

They, independently, each fill in 9 aspects that have caused stress lately. The overlap is large. After a consultation moment we come to 9 joint aspects.

These aspects are weighed separately by Johan and Katie. The conversation then turns to causes, consequences, feelings, annoyances and how they can help each other. The session proceeds without a fight and without deviating from the main question. It is pleasant, constructive and gives peace.


gem groen = Impact on HER stress?
gem orange = Impact on HIS stress?

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