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Example 2: Bepper Balance Method

Session with 1 person

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How do I make sure to ask and say what I want?


What are conditions for you to feel comfortable when you have such a conversation with your employer?



Bepper Bord voorbeeld Sessie

Maaike has a job of 3 days per week. She also has another 'part-time job' of 1 day per week. She actually wants to go to 1 job, but she has to be able to work sufficient hours at that place to secure enough income.

In the session, Maaike explains that she told her employer that she wants to work 4 days instead of 3. When she gets the question whether she has succeeded, she shrugs her shoulders. “I do not know,” she says. “He would consider it and then Marcel asked something and he was gone”.

She explains the circumstances under which she asked the question and that it felt uncomfortable. She says that she is not good at creating the right circumstances. Maaike writes on the board a number of things that could help her be comfortable during a conversation.

She is not asked to put 20 gems down, but as much as she feels 'right'. With the orange gems, she can use a maximum of 1 gem per aspect.

The advantage of this approach is that Maaike now sees that she could have done things better. Instead of deciding "she can not do it right" she now knows that she has not done everything she could have done to feel more at ease. We discuss what prevented her from organizing well in advance. And what she needs to do it differently next time.


gem beige =

To what extent was this the case with the interview?

gem orange =

Which of these conditions did you already know before the conversation started?

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